Text.alt – Tag ( englische Version)

Auf twitter gab es folgende Konversation über das !B und den alternativText.

( twitterconversation about the alt-tag and the !B)

„I recently learned:

As the existence of alt-text is not visible to non-visual-impaired (not using respective apps or settings) to include a !B tag in the regular tweet to raise awareness

It might be a German thing so (@MeinAugenlicht do you know more?“

unsere Antwort darauf:

Our answer:

yes, that’s absolutely right. The „!B“ is placed as tag für seeing people, who can see the alt-text only with corresponding programs.

we, the BBS-team, have created this initiative with the „!B“-tag. yes, at one hand it’s to focus consciousness. more important is: it makes it possible for ’seeing people‘ to retweet barrier-free.

there are very conscious people who don’t ! retweet tweets without picture description in the alt-text.

some others make an afterwards-picturedescription, answering a certain tweet, and retweet itself then. that preserves the barrier-free status and makes participation possible for all members.

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